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Presently, the hostel accommodates around 80 students. Temporarily the hostel is functioning as a part of the college building. Separate Hostel is under construction and expects to be completed by the year 2015. Stay in the hostel is encouraged to meet the requirements of the course both academic and clinical. Every student who wishes to get admitted to the College Hostel, should make an application at the beginning of academic year in the prescribed application form available at the college office. The college expects full adherence to the rules of the hostel and deviation from the rules may call for strict disciplinary action including dismissal from the hostel. Usage of mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the hostel as well as in the college.
  All the students of the hostel shall be required to join the mess. Booklet on rules regarding Hostel and Mess is available at the office.  
  Telephone Calls
  The college does not entertain direct telephone calls to the students during working hours. Any message should be passed on through the Principal/Vice Principal.